Friday, July 16, 2010

God Said

Chloe is really into My Little Pony right now. Her Grama gave her a run down, matted hair, old school My Little Pony about 6 or more months ago. This pony was the beginning to a team of horses all different colors and cutsy names.

I ended up buying her two more so her 'garage sale' pony could have friends to talk to. The fourth was given to her by her teacher. The fifth was bought by me. She had seen a picture of one she didn't have, so I took her to the store and we bought it. Upon reading about all her ponies, she learned her 5th has a sister. So of course, she is desperate for the sister to Scootaloo. Her name is Cherrilee.

Did you get that?

I came up with a fantastic idea. Chloe could 'earn' pennies by helping me around the house with various 'chores.' One day, she randomly cleaned her room. I gave her 5 pennies because I didn't have to ask. Another day, she randomly cleaned Cooper's room; pennies. She 'helps' me vacuum. I do not give her pennies for behavior, nor do I take them away for behavior, even though I really want to at times.

If she earns 100 pennies, she can go 'buy' the sister pony.

This goal of obtaining this sister pony has turned into a "God Said" issue.

One day, after purchasing Scootaloo, Chloe said, "Mom, God said I could have Cherrilee." I proceeded to tell her, "No he didn't. He told me you need to save your money." And as serious as she can be, from her car seat, she said, "No Mom, no, no no, God did not talk to you."

She tells me all the time that she talks to God.

She was sitting on the toilet one afternoon, "Mom! God said, I could have Cherrilee." Knowing what I know in how God talks to Chloe I decided to turn the tables, "Oh really? Perhaps you should ask him if you should save your money first."

From the bathroom I hear a one sided conversation. "God, uhuh. Do I need to save my money to get Cherrilee? Uhuh, yea, ok, uhuh OK"

"MOOOOM God said I need to save my money."

I smiled and giggled.

Matt came home that evening and I shared the story. He smiled and looked at me and said, "Megan, makes ya wonder huh?" If a laugh could speak, my spoke and it said, "I think she talks to him and I tend to believe he speaks back to her 3 year old heart."

This "God told me" or "God said" happens everyday.

Chloe randomly began spelling Cooper's name and recognizing his letters. "Chloe, who taught you that?" I asked because no one in the Knox house taught her and I know she didn't learn it at school.
"God." she says very very matter of factly.
"Oh yea, when did he teach you that?"
"In the night."
"In the night?"
"Ya Mom, he talks to me in the night."

Now if he could only tell her to change her behavior.

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