Monday, July 19, 2010



That's the big day.

I get the privilege of filling my bladder to the hiz max, while a lady pushes on my stomach in an effort to see if Matt and I will be paying for another wedding or just paying for the rehearsal dinner.

That's right folks, we find out pink or blue on WEDNESDAY!

People ask, "What do you think it is?" I honestly can not answer that question. All three pregnancies have been very different.

Chloe: Easy as pie. I did however have to wash my greasy face three times a day in order to prevent a breakout of zits.

Cooper: We thought we lost him early in the pregnancy because I had some bleeding. I was also sick, but only pucked once. Oh and no grease covered face.

NUMBER 3: Pucked a bunch, lost weight, pucked some more, couldn't eat. Face isn't greasy, it's normal.

So this one has been a mixture of both.

Chloe and Matt say boy. Most of my friends say girl.

Check back on Wednesday or Thursday for a picture and the news!

I'd open this to comments, but I'm afraid who's out there wanting to spam me. If you follow me on twitter, twitter your guess. Or if you have my email, email me.

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