Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pop A Squat

There's a day in life when a girl becomes a braver girl. It's a rite of passage for every female. Some girls reluctantly 'walk on the smoldering coals' but some anxiously await their day to show their 'stuff.'

C1 has had a few opportunities recently to become the true outdoorswoman, but it wasn't her time, she wasn't ready. Then came Saturday, March 21, 2011.

On Saturday, my daughter became a true ourdoorswoman, making her Father and I proud, boasting parents.

Our daughter went 'free peeing,' 'dropped her drawers,' 'let the wind dry her,' 'popped a squat.' Our daughter peed in a wide open field.
The whole family loaded up and went to fish a pond. A lovely pond, with lovely big hungry fish. I was fishing on the far side when a monster grabbed my lure and SNAP! it went. I literally run around the pond to get a new lure, I had to hustle, darkness was fighting daylight. I start to run back to my 'honey hole,' fishing lingo for 'a good spot to catch lots of fish,' and I hear, "Mom, can I go with you?"

Not gonna lie. My initial reaction, in my head, was, "No way Jose! I'm catching fish and you will slow my progress back around the pond." But Matt was watching all three kids so I could fish and to help him out I said she could come. I knew she'd be fun to hang out with because she'll stand there and chat.

I'm casting and we are chatting. I look over and she is doing the universal sign for 'I gotta pee and I gotta pee now' which of course is the crossing of the feet at the ankles, while standing.

"Honey, you gotta pee?"
"Uhuh," she says slightly concerned.
"Well, go up there, pull down your shorts and squat. Just be careful not to squat too far or you'll get grass in your bottom." I'm thinking there's no way. She's always opted to hold it in the past.
"Ok, Mom."

I resume fishing. Daylight is in a losing battle and I have fish to catch.

I turn around right as she says, "Mom, my panties are getting wet."

I realize she is basically standing straight up, therefore gravity is working against her. If we were at the ocean and not a pond and she had a jelly fish sting on her foot, she'd be good to go.

"OH NO honey, here..." I held her under her arm pits so she could squat properly. Then she goes commando the rest of the evening. I continue fishing and she asks, "Mom, am I gonna get in trouble for not having panties on?"

"Haha, no honey, it's ok this time."

My girl just became a braver girl and I am so proud. I look forward to 'popping a squat' with you, honey.

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  1. Hee hee hee. I have popped many squats in my childhood days! And my running days :)Much easier with C2 to pee! :)


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