Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

Outside my window... If you don't live in Oklahoma or any of the surrounding states, then I will enlighten you to what is happening outside my window; it's hot. It is currently 101F. I can't see outside because the blinds aren't drawn. I normally open them in the mornings but with it being so hot, I leave them down to try and keep in what little cool air we have inside. Living in an old house means old windows which means not energy efficient. I'm ready for the Fall.

I am thinking... There's a few things on my mind. One, I can not get over how hot it is. Two, when will Colbie decide she wants to eat real food. I tried her again yesterday and I will give her some credit, she did try. It was so funny, but she tried. At one point, she leaned forward as if to take a bite, but didn't open her mouth. Then she would open her mouth and stick out her tongue! haha I laughed so hard. Maybe she just doesn't know what she's doing and that's why she won't eat? I bought a different brand of baby food, maybe that will help. I'm ready for the Fall.

Chloe starts school in August and I'm sad. I know most people think I should home school. Yes, it would definitely fit our lifestyle. We need more house space. Yes, I can teach outside or where ever. BUT when you are already on top of each other and then try to teach them, it would be too hard. We need to be able to go to a spot in the house, all of us, to be alone. Right now, I can't even be alone in the bathroom because someone else has to pee or poop (Cooper). I told Matt, with how may days Chloe will miss in the Fall, we might as well home school her! haha  Seriously though, we'll just have to see. We aren't in a place to be able to teach her and teach her well. I need Matt's help and he can't help me when he works in Tulsa. "Day by day," is our motto, not just for Chloe's schooling but with my health. I'm ready for the Fall.

I am planning to cook... A whole lot of nothing. The Crock is cooking tonight. That will last until Wednesday, I hope. After that, probably chicken burgers. If I an avoid heating my house very much in order to eat, will will try not to cook. I'm ready for the Fall.

I am reading... Not much right now. I smoked through "Lost in Shangri-La" and now I don't know what to read. Anyone have a good book. I've been hearing about "The Help." Maybe I'll hunt that down. I normally read Christiany books, but I'm trying to broaden my reading horizons. I am ready for the Fall.

I am hearing... People's Court because I love the Judge. She's awesome.  Colbie is napping but I have a feeling she will wake up in a bit. I'm ready for the Fall.

I am learning... my brain is so hot, it can't think. But one thing I was telling Matt last night, is trying to learn how to parent and parent well. (how many 'Amen's' can I get?)  I tend to gripe at the kids and I hate that. My new approach, which I will have to mentally work at, is going to be to calmly ask them to do X or Y and if they don't, take something away. I'm not sure what I can take away other than toys or cartoons, but I might have to get creative. haha I'm not very creative. I'm ready for the Fall.

I am praying... for Colbie to learn to sleep better at night and for her to eat some food in hopes she will sleep better at night. For moving, and the kids. We always pray for the kids but I told Matt, let's stick to one subject and really pray for it. Right now is kids and all aspect of that. I'm ready for the Fall.

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