Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Family Tree

 This story begins in 1854 in Rueckenau, South Russia. A little boy, Heinrich Janzen, is born. He is adopted by his aunt and uncle due to the death of his parents at the young age of one. In 1875, he marries a girl, Katharina, and they have two children. Afraid of persecution for being a Christian, the family takes a ship to America.
They make their home near Inman, Kansas and by 1896 (they later moved) their family is complete with 10 more children. A total of 12 kids. Summer of 1879, their third child, Cornelius Janzen is born.

Cornelius and his wife, Anna, marry in 1903 and they have eight children. Winter of 1918, their fifth child, Paul Janzen is born.

Paul and his wife, Irene, marry in 1943 and they have four children. Fall of 1950, their third child, Kathleen Janzen is born.

In 1970, Kathleen marries Richard Knox. They have four children. Winter of 1973, their first child, a son, is born....

and I married him.

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  1. You need just one more kid for your other leg :) Love the story! Good job!


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