Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

"But since they could see the man who had been healed standing right there among them, there was nothing the council could say." -Acts 4:14

Outside my window... I can finally say something positive about what's going on outside! These past few days have been wonderful! We have had some significant rain. I can see leaves falling from the tree in the backyard. It gave up, couldn't handle it anymore. My backyard looks like fall has arrived with all the leaves strewn about.

I am thinking... Mainly about C1. The past week has been a monumental, hold the phone, cherry on top kind of week for her. She turned 5 and starts PreK. When we brought C1 home from the hospital, I can remember M1 and I talking about what she'd be like when she got older, her personality, her likes, her dislikes, her going to school, her loving Jesus... All the visions you have for your children. We finally had a person to dream for, a life to take care of; a child.

I see having kids as steps. Picture a mountain. Up the side of the mountain is a long staircase that goes all the way up the side, through the clouds, up and up to the very peak. The peak isn't visible from the bottom, but it's up there, hidden in the clouds. When C1 was born, she started on the first step. Each new thing takes her up the mountain. Along the way, there are monumental moments; first birthday, first tooth, first haircut. Once you cross the steps of these moments you can't come back down. We can never go back to her first tooth, first birthday, first time she prayed. All of those steps have been climbed, conquered. She can only keep climbing, reaching for the next moment.

And so as we go through the next few days and cross the step that is labeled "first day of school," I will cry, pray, rejoice, cry some more, pray harder and thank God for the woman He created and her mountain we get to watch her climb.
Ok, now I'm going to go have a good cry, I'll be back.....

I am planning to cook... Well, since the temp will be below 115 most days this week, I figured I'd have another go at this 'cook dinner for your family' thing I hear so much about. We are going to have Buffalo Chicken burgers, because that's how we roll when it comes to burgers. A chicken and rice type soup because it lasts for a few dinners. Then towards the end of the week, when things begin to get crazy with C1 and school, I'll probably toss some chicken in the crock.

I am reading... I just have a few chapters left of The Cross and The Switchblade. Then I will probably read the Louis Zamperini book I have. He was the guy in Unbroken, the Olympic Athlete. If you haven't picked up Unbroken yet, you must.

I am hearing... When started typing this around 6:30, I heard just crickets outside and my police officer neighbor coming home. Then C3 woke, then C1. C3 decided she needed me, so I put this away. C2 got up and he and C1 began playing. Now I hear C3 crying and 1 & 2 playing in their room.

I am learning... I did learn this weekend that After Hours clinics are worthless, just plain worthless. I'm still learning about being BOLD. The message this week dealt with, basically, standing up and speaking what we believe. If I see a friend living in sin, being BOLD enough to lovingly correct them.

I am praying... Still for my healing. For the Horn of Africa and I'm adding one more to the list. One of my nieces is having some hearing issues. My Sister In Law has been told her daughter has pretty much no hearing in one of her daughter's ears. I'm praying when they do a scan they will see nothing. I'm also going BOLD-er and praying for complete restoration of K's hearing. My God can do that!!

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