Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oscar the Grouch

When I was a kid, my Dad would often take us below the Keystone Dam to watch people fish or watch water come out of the gates. That's what country folk do in their spare time; watch water poor down a slide into a man made river type thing. To this day, I still enjoy a good trip to a dam and watch the dam water. (sorry, bad joke, but can't help it.)

Because my Dad is a creature of habit, we always parked in the same spot. On the edge of the parking area was a trashcan. I don't know how it all came to be, if I asked or what, but my whole childhood I believed Oscar the Grouch resided in that particular can. It made sense. That was the smelliest trash can EVER! (fish carcasses)

Today, or a few days ago, not sure when I'll publish this, my son asked me if there were robots in the grain trailer of a semi that was passing us. I remember mumbling and thinking to myself, hmmm where did that come from? Then out of my mouth came, "YES, Yes buddy there are! How many do you think are in there?!"

I don't now where that came from, I was going to tell him the truth that there was grain in there. Grain is what is used to make bread and farmers harvest grain, they sell it and someone buys it and this big truck drives it somewhere and someone makes bread or other grainy products with it.

Intriguing isn't it.

In that very moment, I felt the Holy Spirit teach me a lesson. Just because I know the truth of what is in that trailer doesn't mean my son needs to know. Let him believe it contains robots and there are five maybe three and they are BIG robots.... Sometimes the truth just gets in the way of their imagination.

Let them believe that trashcans contain Oscar the Grouch. That's more fun of a thought than fish carcasses and grain.

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