Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sensationlized Oz

Lately, I have become just done with news in all aspects. I'm tired of reading of some "Dad" tossing his kid off of a bridge, a drunk killing a family, war, soldiers dying, how dog's have an 'Angel Tree' because and I quote "Dogs have Christmas wishes also." What?! I'm going to bubble burst here, but No. They. Don't. I will tell you there are hundreds of thousands of kids who have legitimate Christmas wishes, go help them.

A person this morning on Crackbook Facebook  posted a video of Dr. Oz and his discovery that arsenic is in apple juice, children's apple juice. I'm not going to talk about that, I'm going to rant on the comments that followed.

I watched the video. Then I commented, "Taking my general dislike for Dr Oz out of the equation, yep that's crazy!" (referencing arsenic in apple juice)

Well, my dislike of Oz opened a Can O Worms. Apparently I hate the guy. Nope, never said hate. So I commented again, "I think he sensationalizes everything. (I dont hate him just don't watch his show)"

*If someone could open that second Can O Worms on the counter that'd be great.*

This was the flow of the conversation: 

Man: "To a degree Megan he does I agree, but I'd you look at the overall health of our country it is warranted"

Megan: "I don't think showing people how to change their lifestyle based on fear is ok BUT I do think the health of our country is 'blah' for lack of a better word."

Man: "I wouldn't say fear so much as shock. When you hold a smokers lung up and compare to a healthy lung it makes the point much clearer than "you shouldn't smoke" (To which I 'liked' his comment bc I partially agree and to try and keep the stones away.)

Weird Lady: "First off, if he didn't sensationalize everything then we would not be blessed enough to be able to access him anytime we want via our living room tvs! Hello, that's what TV is about! :) However, although he is a bit of a spaz, he is clearly 150% a full advocate for anything and everything pure, healthy and beneficial and that includes endorsing anything and everything that is NOT recommended and/or regulated by the FDA (i.e. nutritional supplements that Big Pharma does not profit from) and for that I commend him. Yes, there may come a day when he gets a big head like so many and sells his soul to the devil (Big Pharma) but from what I have seen, he is all about endorsing natural and scientifically proven methods for improving the overall health of our nation. You can tell this is his passion, it's clearly what he is born to do.

With that, I quit commenting because how can you rationalize with a person who thinks it's ok to sensationlize, instill fear into people, in order to have a TV show?! Are you stupid? "That's what TV is about!" Well, I'm about truth, I'm about hope not fear. Fear is sin. You know why people love his show? FEAR! Follow me a moment:

Fear is sin. 

Me, you, people are drawn to sin, ie Adam and Eve. People are drawn to Oz because of the 'Fear Factor.' It's the sin everyone seeks, that rush of fear! I'm not saying jumping out from behind a door and scaring your husband is a sin. I'm talking about living your life based on some fear provoking TV doctor. Let's live our life based on Hope, Truth, Confidence, Grace and Jesus. Let's not turn on the TV and then go dump out all the food in our pantry because Oz said, "It's ALL bad! You will die. You will get cancer." 

Jesus doesn't base his message on fear, but of Love and Hope.
"And His name will be the hope of all the world." Matthew 12:21


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  1. Good Point. I like Dr. Oz, but you have given me something to chew on. Hmm....


For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. -Corinthians 5:14