Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas at Woolaroc 2011

The town I live was built around oil. Without going into the history of Bartlesville, mainly because I don't know that much, I'll just say this: There was a man named Frank Phillips (I don't even know how to spell his name, one L or two LL's.) He found Philips 66; an oil company. It is now known as Conoco Phillips. Good ol' Frank made a very hefty living on oil. He also had a passion for collecting really cool things. Back in his day goods were traded for other goods. Some of the "goods" he got were Indian blankets. Well, when you collect as much stuff as Frank did, you need a place to put it; Woolaroc. AND when you are as wealthy as Frank, you need a ranch to take your other wealthy friends; Woolaroc. AND when you hunt wild game like zebra, giraffes, deer, elephants... you need a place to put them; Woolaroc. AND when someone gives you these...

.... fancy, legit, shrunken heads, you need a place to put them; Woolaroc.
Christmas time is such a wonderful time but Woolaroc does a fantastic job. The decorate the grounds with tons of Christmas lights, offer tractor rides, hot chocolate, cookies and you can walk through the museum. It was hard to see all the amazing paintings and learn of their history, our history, because of the kids but the little time I did get to read I learned a lot..
Colbie doesn't care much for Santa or apparently Woolaroc for that matter.
This picture was taken in pitch black. The man on the other side of the trailer couldn't see a thing. I told him just click and we'll take what we get. haha This is about right for our family. haha

I took a ton of pictures of paintings but I knew I wouldn't be able to say exactly what I learned or read on the plaques so I opted not to post them so I didn't misspeak. I'm pretty sure this is Sitting Bull. If you have not visited Woolaroc, I highly highly recommend. It is a true gem of a place.

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