Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cooper The Passionate

I live in the middle of no-where. Yes, it's a town, a class 6A school, lots of big business, but it's still in the middle of nothing. We are something close to nothing. Don't get me wrong, I live in one of the prettiest ares of Oklahoma; tall grass prairies, beautiful hills, trees lots of ponds, wildlife. It's probably one of the only places in the world with flat land prairies and hills all in the same acreage.

Being in the middle of no-where means we have to drive every time we want to get somewhere, especially shopping, restaurants and our church. All this to say, when we hop in our buggy and head to town, Matt and I have time to chat, in between us telling the older two to keep their hands in their laps and stop screaming.

While driving to Grapevine, the subject of Cooper came up. Yes, the boy is a subject of his own; Cooper Talk.  Coop just woke up from a long nap in the car and if we talk to him and he's not ready he flips out. Then if you bug him he really flips out and goes to his high pitched screaming voice, "AAAHHHHHHH!!!" It's really a priceless moment, us making him mad.

Matt and I were describing Cooper. We were trying to come up with a book cover that describes him. You know how book covers give a brief synopsis of the contents of the book? We were doing that only Cooper is the subject. We were having a hard time, but then it hit me.


When he's happy, he's passionately happy. When he's mad, he is passionately mad. Everything he does, he goes beyond the norm. Instead of a regular fist bump, he has to blow it up.

When I say, "Smile Cooper!" He smiles with his whole body. And he does that with PASSION.

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