Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

This is a view of part of the water park. I took it standing in the lobby which is on the second floor. The bucket at the top dumps tons of gallons of water below. There's a glare from the Christmas lights that were hanging above me against the window.
The last time we stayed, Chloe and Cooper were just too little and unsure in the water to play on this. It has slides that once you've climbed to the top you can slide down. Both kids this year ate this thing up. Cooper would go down the slide, climb out and 'high five' the lifeguard on duty. He did this every. single. time. That lifeguard was so awesome with Cooper.

 Matt said he saw a kid get de-pants-ed (how do you spell that word?) when the bucket dumped.  
 This was in the lobby the day we arrived. There was a huge Christmas tree behind them and to the right of the picture is the window I took the above pictures from. You can see all the hanging lights. 

I have more pictures, so I'll post those later.

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