Friday, April 18, 2008

Cooper 2 Weeks!

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I squeezed a 7lb 10oz child out my yoohoo, but it has and surprisingly all has been pretty good. I haven't really left the house much in the past two weeks, it's just too much work getting everyone ready and into the truck. I did make it to M.O.P.S on Monday, but that's all. Matt takes Chloe out and about when he gets home, but Coop and I just hang.

Here are some pics.

The previous posting was from Chloe. After she said what she said, I decided to push the chair UNDER the table. I thought she wouldn't get up on it if it were there...

I was wrong. She got up there anyways and got stuck! She is on the chair UNDER the table and is folded over b/c the table is in the way! haha She had been a little turd this day and I decided to take my time helping her out of her predicament. I had to take pictures of course. Don't worry, she is just mad, she's not hurt.


  1. He's so CUTE! Congrats!! (PS - I think every parent has to have a pic of their kiddo stuck on a chair under the table!!)

  2. those photos of Chloe are too funny...I always take pics of my kids when they are mad or stuck or something like that! =)


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