Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vaseline: Not intended for diapers.

When we got Cooper home, we discovered he has the skill to pee outside of his diaper. How does he do that you may ask? Well, I have absolutely no idea. His pee ends up all over his clothes and not in the diaper. Now being new to the little "wee wee" I am assuming his aim is a little off. I'm guessing it's not pointing in the right direction while snuggled inside his diaper.

The fix?

We had been folding down his diapers to avoid contact with his umbilical cord. We thought doing that was causing the trickle effect because the diapers weren't able to absorb his pee because of the folding technique. We scratched that idea.

The new fix?

We tried cutting a notch out of the top of the diaper, again, as to not disrupt the umbilical cord falling off. Did this work? Umm, no. He is still Houdini and can make urine appear outside his diaper.

Have you ever seen the inside of a diaper? Well, let me tell you what the top part consists of.... Little, little, tiny, tiny wee beadee things that I can only guess are the absorbing devices placed strategically inside the diaper and when the diaper is cut those wee beadee things can not, and I repeat, can not do their little job God intended for them to do. (we all have a purpose) SO, as a result. Little, little, tiny, tiny wee beadee things all over Cooper's lower half and all over our bed (my side of course) because we were cutting the diapers on our bed.

As a result of this? Cooper needed a bath/ dip under the faucet. See, the little,little, tiny, tiny wee beadee things would do their job once attached to his skin. They absorbed his urine and the liquid from the wipes, then they would become rather sticky. He had those things ALL over him. Off to the faucet he went.
Before the dip.
After the dip.
Yes, my friends he didn't fuss at all.

I think after all of this we finally figured out the culprit.

The Dr. I use doesn't "cut" little boys he applies a band to "it" and in about 5-8 days it falls off on its own. We were told not to put anything on it that it doesn't need anything applied to it. Well, someone in my family (Matt's side) thought it very important to apply Vaseline to the inside of the diaper so he doesn't stick to it. We kept reiterating the nurses advice of "nothing need be applied" but the individual just didn't understand I guess. So, we decided maybe they were right and we began applying Vaseline to the inside of his diapers. They were right he didn't stick, but what is Vaseline used for, primarily? Yes, to help keep moisture in, but in this case it was keeping moisture out! He isn't Houdini after all folks. We were preventing those little, little, tiny, tiny wee beadee things from doing their job!

The fix this time?

No Vaseline.


  1. oh my heavens, he is absolutely precious. Yes, the Vaseline repels liquids; we had a tough time with that as well and had an attack of the beady things several times. Be sure to point the little wee down when diapering, and that should help too. It does take a little adjusting when you are used to changing girls. As my mom would say, "There's just a lot more stuff to maneuver around down there." :-)

  2. Congratulations! Boys are a little different!

  3. I'm glad you figured it out lol! Those first few weeks always make for some great stories! Hope you are getting some rest!

  4. I'm glad you figured it out lol! Those first few weeks always make for some great stories! Hope you are getting some rest!

  5. He is Beautiful!!!!! Congratulations! Boys are so much fun!

  6. No way!!! We had the same problem with Grady as a newborn. Hmm...guess I was a bit to sleep deprived to put 2 and 2 together! =) Our Dr. just told us the diaper was too big.

  7. how funny! I guess I put the vaseline on his wee wee not on the inside of the diaper, so thankfully we didn't have that problem with cole. He got razored though, so we didn't have a choice. Your blog is always so funny. Cooper is so precious!


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