Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update Coming Soon, I Promise

I need to preface this and future posts. If I say something that is totally off the wall and makes absolutely no sense, like maybe I call lunch salt, or food refrigerators; forgive me. I have lost my brain, it came out with Cooper I do believe. This also applies to misspellings and improper English.

For those of you out there with children, you know the first couple of weeks are like torture with a smile. I have been meaning to update you on the happenings around our homestead, but when it comes 12:00pm and Chloe is in bed and Cooper is snoozing; I do the same. I just can't fight off the voices the couch, recliner and my bed have. They call my name over and over until I can't take it anymore and I give in.

Cooper is eating about every 4 hours and he has been letting us sleep really well at night; once he goes to sleep. He tends to wake up after his 11:00pm feeding and likes to stay awake for awhile, but once asleep, he doesn't wake up.

Now I have to go get Chloe Joy up. She's in her room yelling, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" She does that until I answer her. If I don't she bangs her head on her wall. When I finally go in there she usually has her pants off and is working on her diaper. Yesterday, I went in to get her after her nap and she had removed her pants. I asked her if she wanted out of bed and she told me no. So I go back to the bathroom to finish getting ready and she starts crying. A cry like she's sad, not mad. I go back in her room and she is just frozen, standing in her crib holding on to the railing; frozen with huge tears streaming down her red face. I ask her what's wrong and she won't move. I go to grab her and take her out of bed and that's when I realize the problem.
She had messed with her diaper so much that it was no longer effective in absorbing urine, soooo she was peeing and it was running all down her legs. :( It was so pitiful.

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