Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monumental Day For My Hair

Today is a monumental day!! Why? Well, let me explain...

I have naturally curly hair, but it's the type of curly that is usually NOT manageable. In order to look presentable I have to straighten my hair. This is a process that can take an easy 30 minutes, longer the longer my hair is. If I don't straighten it this is what I look like...

That is no joke, the more humidity the more psychotic I look. It can even look like that if I have straightened it and walk out where it's humid. We will never live in Hawaii or areas of the world where it rains a lot; no beach home for me.

Why is today monumental? I "did" my hair just now. I haven't fixed my hair in over 2 weeks! When I was pregnant, my hair would do anything I commanded it to do. Now that I am not pregnant, it does the opposite of what I command it to do.

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