Monday, April 28, 2008

Pooper and Chloe

Here are few pictures a friend of mine took of the kids, there are a bunch more, but these are some of my fav's. When these were taken Cooper was just over a week old and Chloe was/is 20 months. If you need a photographer or just enjoy looking at good pictures (I do) check out her website. It's She is fantastic, creative and loves capturing people's special moments. She does it all and she does it well! Thanks Betsy!

It was difficult to get Chloe to sit still for the pictures because all she wanted to do was play with Sam (Chloe's friend) and chase Scout (Sam's dog) around the house. Betsy, being quick on the draw, managed to get some really great ones of her. The one of Chloe with her big smile and the 4 teeth? That's her saying "CHEEEEEZZE." It's really hard to get a pictures with out her saying that, she is trained to say cheese when ever she sees a camera. That's my fault, I guess I didn't realize it would be like Pavlov's dog.

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  1. The pictures are awesome! She got great shots of both of them. Copper is changing already! I can't wait to meet him in person- I need to become a better bible studier- I haven't made it in 3 weeks. That is terrible.


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