Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the Mouth of Chloe

Three things I learned the week my parents brought that new kid into my house...
I learned to climb onto the kitchen chair...
... I got up here, but I haven't yet learned how to get down, so I just sit there until I am ready to get down. Don't tell them, but they think by moving the chair AWAY from the table I won't be able to reach the things on top. HA I say to them. I know how to move the chair TO the table as so I can reach mommy's new camera, the candle and all of that little boy's things...
I also learned I have my daddy wrapped around my fat little finger...
But the most important thing I am learning these days?
How to use mommy's breast pump.


  1. Camden has turned into a monkey this past week too! Except not only does he climb on the chairs he stands up and rocks it back and forth! If I have to say, "On your bottom!" one more time, I will go crazy! Speaking of crazy, hang in there, but I seriously can't believe he is already eating every four hours. What a champ!

  2. Hahahahaha breast pump! Too funny!


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