Friday, July 3, 2009


So Cooper is 15 months old today. I realized that just now. I was trying to think of a title for this post and thought of the one above b/c he is starting to walk more often. Then I realized today is his 15 month birthday!!

Everyone agrees they grow up way too fast. But I think they grow faster when you have two kids to mess with.

Coop is a haus. He weighs about 25 lb's and is just a head heights shorter than Chloe. I drove by a baseball field here in town and there were a handful of little boys playing ball. I had a moment of forward thinking, I saw Cooper out there playing and wearing his baseball hat that made the tops of his ears stick out. I pictured me picking him up from baseball camp and him saying, "Mom, I got a really good hit and Coach said I did good!" Then I picture him attacking his Dad as soon as he walks in the door with the same story. And Chloe saying, "See my dress daddy? Don't I look like a princess?" And Matt saying, "Good job Coop and yes honey you do."

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  1. I forward think ALL the time. It make me excited and sad at the same time. Can't wait to squeeze on Coop again. Miss you all!


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