Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Chloe Thoughts

Did you know...

... the water that comes out of the water toys at the splash pad tastes better than the puddles it created? I learned that, now pray I don't get sick with a hard to pronounce word.


  1. Cute kiddos and fun looking splash pad! I just read your comment on MckMama's blog about the MMR. We too have broken them up. My dr just told us at our last visit that they will be getting the split up shots in about 3 months. I think I also read on Dr. Sears site that Merck said they will begin manufacturing the split up shots again, or at least the one(s) they sell. So looks like they will be back, hopefully.

  2. U r so funny as always! I want to go to that splash pad! Let's go together next week! And u will answer to God for the vacuum thing little missy! That's one less jewel in your crown of glory :) J/k


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