Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Ride Home

We went to my Dad's house for the fourth. He and his wife just bought a house. They used to live in a teeny tiny apartment on Riverside in Tulsa. They have been in it for just a few weeks. Their old apartment over-looked the river, it was the BEST spot in town to see the fireworks! You were at eye level with them. Amazing. BUT no more of that. Which is fine. I'll give up fireworks for space and a yard for the kids!

Funny Chloe story, she's full of them these days. We were at my Dad's, Chloe is looking out the patio door and she says to me, "Mom I see a fireman!" I said, "A what honey?" Trying to ensure I heard her correctly. "A fireman!!" She screams at me, very excited. Now my Dad's backyard is not big at all, it's city size. I walk over, look and see nothing. My Dad's wife, shuts the blinds just in case. I let the comment go thinking, "Oh she's just using her imagination."

A while later I go outside and can hear the familiar sound of large fireworks detinating. Then the bell in my head went off. She means fireWORKS not fireMAN! So I go inside and say, "Chloe do you mean fireworks?"
"Ya, mom, fireworks man." Too funny.

Anyways, we didn't purposefully see fireworks this year, but I was determined to use the BULB mode on my phone.

Driving down the road going 65mph. This is what BULB mode makes cars look like. If you've ever wondered how they make cars looks funny on TV, it's a mode like this. Super slow shutter. The light is absorbed in motion. I'm not a techy but that's how I explain it to myself.

This was taking from a moving vehicle through the window.

The streams of car lights would look better if the car wasn't moving and I could use a tripod.

Different aperture setting. I think the above was at like 14. Made the lights yellower.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well.

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