Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Alive!!

Honest folks, I'm still around. I had a lumbar puncture on Monday. The guy who did it has a record of 'no headaches.' Well, I broke his record apparently... I got a headache.

What is a lumbar puncture? Glad you asked. Insert needle into L-3. There is a fluid filled sac that lines the lumbar vertebrae. They take fluid out via the inserted needle, test it for disease ie. MS. I should have results next week, so I've been told.

Tues. I was great. Wednesday, not so much. Thursday I was ready to meet Jesus, my head hurt so bad. I haven't been on the computer in two days. I get a headache sitting here, in fact, I am getting one right now, but am trying to hustle before it gets bad.

I can get a blood patch and that will help. What is a blood patch? Glad you asked. They insert needle into your back again, draw blood and very quickly before it clots, insert blood into the punctured location. They say it brings immediate relief. I could do it, but I am going to try and lay flat all weekend and see if that works. OHH and the prescription for the headaches? "Drink lots of water and caffeine!!" Nice huh?

As soon as I'm able I promise to update this thing.

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  1. praying for you...hope you find relief and get to enjoy your weekend! i'm praying you get NO MS results...but also answers to the unknown!


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