Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Door Holder

In Chloe's class the teacher has different 'jobs' the children take turns doing. For instance, there is a line leader, an end of the line person and a door holder.

I picked them up from school one day, got them out of Mini. Chloe headed straight for the house and opened the storm door. She said, "I door holder mom." I didn't understand her at first and only knew what she was saying because I had overheard her teacher tell a child, "You are door holder, hold the door for us."

So now, Chloe is the all time Door Holder for the family. But the term is something that has made me able to put a name to task we often get caught doing.... keep reading.

Have you ever walked through a closed door, and on your way out realized there are people behind you? Possibly a woman pushing a stroller, a man talking on his phone, a child or just anyone who decided to leave milliseconds after you and chose the very same door as you to walk through?

Have you ever walked through the door only to swing yourself behind it and hold it for all the people leaving behind you?

When I was at the Walk MS event, I got caught in a precarious situation.

I walked out the door, mind you there were 5 other doors, and everyone seemed to follow me out the door I chose.

So I swung myself behind it, willing to be a little late for the start of the walk, so I could hold the door for the woman pushing the extra large stroller. Now that I think about it that woman might have been with me, but that doesn't matter. I still held the door because strollers and doors are not friends. The doors like strollers for lunch. I think it's the children they are after, but I digress.

So the stroller pusher walks through,"Thanks," she says and smiles. "Yep," I offer with a smile back.

Then the weirdest thing happened. I got stuck! I became door holder!

A fat man walked through, "Thanks," he said while putting his sticker on his chest. His tone was giddy like I enjoyed standing behind that door holding it for his very capable fat self.

Then an all too capable woman ventured over the threshold and another woman and a younger girl and then another 'gentlemen.' He walked passed, "Thank ya."

I spouted under my breath, "I'm not intentionally holding it for you because I enjoy being courteous, I'm stuck here! Hold your own door! I am not hear to be every ones 'door holder!'"

I told Matt, "I'm so glad you are a gentlemen. Had you seen a woman stuck behind a door like I was I know you would have relieved her of her duties."
Ok, so go forth and be door holders.


  1. Well, Megan, this makes one think. Doesn't it?? How often have I been a door holder and grumbled about it? Thanks!

  2. Hope you are feeling well. Loved the tent post =)

  3. Good story :) Btw-- how did you put that warning on your pictures? I have a macbook, so I was scrolling down to read more and then pressed down with the two fingers scrolling (promise I wasn't trying to get your pics!) and I saw that little warning pop-up. It makes me nervous that my pictures aren't protected..

  4. I tried the right click function after reading the comment above! So cool!! Love it :-)

    Yeah I know Will would relieve a woman holding a door as well, but SO many times we've gone out for dinner or something and he's stuck holding doors for several minutes, and no other guy relieves him of it to get the door for his own date.

  5. Happened to me just the other day at the YMCA! I was like, Ok I am done now. Someone else please grab this door!!! I have a child in my other hand who weighs 50 lbs (not truely, but it felt like it after working out). Anyways, I get it. :)


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