Monday, October 12, 2009

Say WHAT? Update Numero Dos

(As of 10/15/09 we raised $1,223,00!!! I am humbled.)
(As of 10/14/09 we raised $1,123.00!!! Are you serious?)

These are the faces of my friends and family.

These lovely faces got out of the house on a lazy Sunday when the weather was screaming, "Stay inside in your jammies and be lazy and watch football and drink warm beverages and eat cake and junk and put your hand in your pants!"

That last part only applies to the men and boys in the group.

What you don't see is the money I raised and the people that donated to the National MS Society on behalf of me.

My original goal was $300. But because people are crazy generous I met that in a few days. So I upped the goal to $500 and because people are extra crazy generous I met that PLUS two hundred & seventy smackaroos!!

The amount of $720 is what I raised, it does not include what my team raised on their own. Some money hasn't been tallied because checks were written, BUT so far we raised $983!!!!

Let me say that again $983!!!


Once the money is counted that Matt raised on his own we will have raised over $1000

Let me write that out like I am writing a check to
(click on the link to see our team and the other teams.)

One thousand dollars and 00/100--------

Holy Cow! You people are awesome.

So far, my team, Megan's Mates are in the lead in the most money raised!!

I'm just so thankful and humbled and appreciative. It was so nice to go back to UCO, walk the grounds and reminice of times gone by. I have some wonderful wonderful memories there. It was nice to create a new memory that didn't cost an enrollment fee or a parking ticket.

It is important to point out one person who went all out for our team... Cole H. If you look in the picture, kind of in the middle, is a little boy dressed like a pirate. Get it? Megan's Mates.. Pirate.

Also, thanks to Ben for snapping the picture for us! He is part of the team!

Next year, there will be team shirts.
Be ready for that.


  1. oh wow! that is awesome!!!! what an amazing amount of money.

    God is good.

  2. Wow!! So wonderful to read this Megan! God's grace is sufficient indeed!

  3. Good job Megan. that is wonderful

  4. Hi Megan! You can email me at joyouswilliams(at)gmail(dot)com and I can give you further instructions how to make the code say what you want. :)

  5. Way to Go Girl! So proud of you! Hope to see you all soon! May God continue to bless you!
    Love ya!


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