Monday, October 19, 2009

Tenting With Child

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of events.

Matt and I are never busy. We are the 'stay at home on Saturdays, take naps on Sundays' kind of folk. So when we do get busy, we do it right.

Our 7th anniversary was on the 12th of October. "What did we do?" Nothing. We ordered carry out from Chili's. Because we are cheap, we usually only get their Paradise Pie, BUT since it was our anniversary, we ordered a full meal! Watch Out!

We had plans to drop the kids off at school and go have a cup of coffee together before he headed off to work. Those plans were thwarted when his boss scheduled a meeting.

It was fine though. My 30th birthday is in January, so we are planning on doing it up right.

This past weekend was the 3rd annual Knox Family Reunion. Everyone gathered at my in-laws for food and fun.
Since their house does not easily sleep 23 bodies, the dads and kids that were old enough, slept in tents.

Did Chloe sleep in a tent?
Yes she did until around 6:30 am!

Did she sleep in the tent on the second night? No, her mommy said no. Matt and I slept in the tent on the second night. Well, I say sleep. Matt slept like a rock and I? I listened to the squeaking donkey, the train, which by the way can still be heard for about 15 minutes after passing through town. I listened to what sounded like possibly a screech owl and the coyotes and dogs having a bark war? Oh and when the rain started I listened to it. But what was really nice, was the neighbors dog barking in rhythm for 30 minutes. I asked Matt if he heard anything during the night. He said, "Only you asking me, 'Did you hear that?'"

I just wanted to put a name to the noises, that's all.


  1. We had so much fun with you guys=)

  2. Really looking forward to next year! Seems to be more fun the older the kids get =)

  3. ha ha... i would be the same way sleeping in a tent. I was not made for camping.

  4. I had a great time! Can you e-mail me the group picture of us? I didn't take any pictures this weekend :(, but I had a great time!


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