Monday, January 18, 2010

Animal Lover

Here are three facts about our Chloe Joy.
1) She is an animal lover.
2) She is a huge animal lover.
3) She has been wearing the same dress for approximately 72 hours straight and refuses to remove it and I refuse to argue. So yes, she did wear it to church along with her dress up princess plastic shoes

About a month ago, Matt heard a noise coming from our back porch. "Megan, do you hear that?"
He gets up, goes to the back door, opens it, "Aww,there's a kitten on our porch. Oh, and it is trying to come it."

Instantly Chloe races to the back door, "Awww, it's so cute Dad."

Now, it was a cold night, and I felt sorry for it. So I fed it some turkey and milk. I couldn't let it in the house because I'm kind of a germa freak, so I placed a towel in a box and put it outside. The kitten proceeded to cry at the door for an hour and my heart proceeded to break for 2.

The next morning, I decided if the cat were still there I'd help it. I open the back door, and in the little box was the kitten. Matt was at work, so I knew Chloe and I could plot and scheme without him knowing.

I let it in the house.

I called the local radio station that announces on air pets that have been lost or found.

A few moments later, I get a text saying a woman at the station was willing to foster it. She wanted a few pictures.

I go to the bathroom where I am harboring the cat. I open the door and am hit with the smell of poo. I had laid newspaper on the floor, but did it use the paper? NOOOO! It used the tub!

I call a friend at the station and ask them to hurry and come get the cat.

A few hours later, they get the cat and I proceed to bleach every nook and cranny in my bathroom.

Jump to about a week ago, Chloe says, "Mom, I think your heart would be happy if you got me a dog or a cat."

I hold up 5 fingers and say, "When you are this old you can get a dog or a cat."

(Chloe when she was 2 and yes that is the back of a dog. The dog is real.)

I think that promise is going to bite me in the butt in about 1.5 years.

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