Monday, January 11, 2010

Rice Bag Addiction

When I married into the Knox family, I was introduced to many 'new' things that my upbringing didn't provide me, such as dessert after dinner, casseroles, a dominoes game called Moon, zwieback rolls, did I mention dessert after dinner, and corn bags.

The corn bag is a cloth bag filled with deer corn, sewn closed and then heated in the microwave to be used as a heating device.

My mother-in-law recently converted from corn to rice filled bags because the rice doesn't need rinsing like the corn does.

Since I recently acquired a sewing machine, I decided I need to make these bags for me and my house.

The first one I made was a little larger than the normal rice/corn bag, so I made another. It was perfection!

Then on one chilly night right before Chloe's bedtime, Matt thought it a good idea to heat up my perfectly made rice bag and lend it to Chloe.

Chloe has now become a rice bag addict. Matt laid claim to the larger than normal rice bag and Chloe has claimed the perfect one as her 'warm bag.'

Matt thought he was doing a great fatherly task by letting his daughter use my rice bag for a night, little did he know what the future would hold.

2:30 am "Maaaawwwwwm," Chloe says in a whisper, "Maaaawwwm." I get up thinking something is wrong. "What honey?" She looks at me with her beautiful and tired eyes, "Can you heat up my warm bag?"

So at 2:30 in the morning, I am standing at the microwave, on our freezing floors, waiting for two minutes while the rice bag heats.

Once, Matt took the bag out of her room when she had fallen asleep. He thought it would be the husbandly thing to do, if he heated it and put it on my side of the bed so it would be warm when I came to bed. This is what happened.

1:00 am "Maaaaawwwm," Chloe says in a whisper, "Maaawwwm." I get up thinking something is wrong. "What honey?" She looks at me with her beautiful and tired eyes, "Where is my warm bag?"
"It's in my bed."
"Can you warm it up for me?"

Once you've felt the warmth and comfort only a rice bag can provide you will never want to be without.


  1. I am laughing out loud! When I was in labor with my son the hospital nurse gave me a sock filled with rice and sewn at the end. I have been addicted to that thing ever since! I have made several since then. My husband makes fun of me because every time I have an ache or pain I heat it up and place it on what ever hurts...they are wonderful for headaches! Glad to hear I'm not the only one that is addicted to them!

  2. Each of my kids(not Evan) has their pillow =) And every night I, too, am standing at the microwave waiting for the beep.

  3. We sleep with ours every night and even take them with us when we go out of town=)

  4. I am dying laughing right now!!! Ha ha!! Gotta love that Chloe! :) You're gonna have to wean her....or teach her how to use the microwave! :) Better yet, invent the electric rice/corn bag and make soem MEGA BUCKS!


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