Wednesday, January 19, 2011

End of A Chapter

I think I'm about to turn the page and begin a new chapter of the book of my life.

Last week, I noticed my right thumb, pointy, middle fingers were feeling kind of strange. I thought I had just slept on my arm funny and the fingers were still asleep. As the day went on, the fingers were still sleeping, mainly my thumb, the tip of it.

I can tell things are starting to feel odd. The exhaustion I feel is unreal. I know every new mom is tired, but if you take 'new mom tiredness' multiply it by 10, that's how I feel most days. Getting out of bed is only because God literally moves me. I could stay there all day, holding Colbie and napping AND be completely fine with that.

I'm not complaining, I just realized that my time of nursing Colbie is swiftly coming to an end. I had a friend ask, "Is formula really that bad?" No, it isn't. I'm just not ready to move on. I don't know if I'll get to walk this path again. I've so enjoyed nursing her. She has been super easy to feed. When I would feed Chloe, it was fun but in the beginning it was so painful! Cooper ate so much, I could hardly keep up. Plus Chloe was 18-19 months old when he was born, so nursing him meant I wasn't able to chase her.

Now Colbie has been a different experience all together. The lactation consultant in the hospital was great. Nursing has never been so easy! I wish she had been there when I was learning the ropes with the other two. No pain, no cracking, no bleeding, it's been great.

But in order to take care of my kids and my husband and myself, it's time to throw in the Boppy. I'm shooting for four more weeks, but we'll see.

Pray my symptoms go away.

I am just so stinking thankful.

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