Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation? Part III

"Hey Dad, what are you up to?"

"Oh not much just tinkering around on the computer. What are you cats up to?" (That's how my dad talks)

"We are calling to tell someone we are on our way back to Tulsa from Davis."

"Davis? I thought you guys weren't going south this weekend?" he asks very confused b/c we told him earlier in the week we were staying home.

"Yeah, we changed our mind."

I proceed to tell him about our weekend, funny things Chloe did and about the fried pies. He tells me that he and his wife are going to my Aunt's house in Stillwater the next day (Monday) and he asks if we want to go. I tell him I'll call him back after I talk to Matt.

We stop in Edmond at Matt's brother's house to feed Cooper. We look for hotel rooms in Stillwater and decide we should go, even though it might be a rough sleeping night. We figured we hadn't slept yet, so why not tack on another sleepless night.

We check in at the Best Western, order Hideaway, (b/c that's what you do) and chill. OH, I did go get Braum's. On my way back into the hotel, I dropped my shake (my eyes teared up) but I managed to save Matt's sundae; Chloe was happy.

After Chloe discussed something with her dog, we put her down in the pack 'n' play (yes she can see us) but after about an hour she falls asleep; we just ignored her and she finally gave up. :)

The next morning we go to my Aunt's and hang out. My Aunt and Uncle are members of The Links, so the boys played golf and the girls, plus Cooper, went to the pool. Did you know Matt and I once lived at The Links in Edmond; we really loved living there, but the ones in Stillwater are top notch.

Her silly face

My Aunt was helping Chloe go deeper.

Part of the fam. on my Dad's side.

After this picture was taken we head for home. It's 8:00pm and we get to Tulsa just after 9:00 and Cooper starts to get really angry just past Sand Springs. We stop at QT to take out the head support, which seemed to help. When we stopped Matt accidentally opened Chloe's door instead of Coopers. Once back on the road, Chloe starts whining for silky, I begin frantically searching and I can't find it! We are almost to the Highway 11 exit, aka scary part of town. I tell Matt to take the Gilcrease exit thinking that will take us back to the QT; it doesn't we end up on the far north side of Tulsa on Lewis. (I have 911 on my phone ready to hit call, no joke) We stop at a well lit church and thankfully I find it. The reason we headed back to QT is when someone opens her door she launches everything in her hands outside. She gets so excited b/c she thinks she's getting out, so I thought it fell out when Matt opened the door.

We get home, safe and happy. We had a good weekend. Our first big outing as a family of four! Very interesting!

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