Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting Back In The Habit

I was walking with Chloe tonight, pushing her in the jogger and I decided I wanted to try and run just about 1-2 minutes. I've got some weight to lose, too many weddings this summer! That went well, I felt good. I did have to disregard the fat bouncing around all over. I'm surprised I didn't injure myself with all the baby flab flying around.

I walk for a few more minutes and I want to try and run again. I mean why not, the first attempt went really well...

I take off...

I stop...

I think I almost peed myself.


  1. You are so funny! I feel my fat when I walk=) I had a baby 20 months ago!!!! I need help.

  2. SO funny!!! I've started running again.. just this past week. I feel the baby flab still and River's Five months. You are doing good for getting out and running so soon. I figure...9months on...9months off?? :)

  3. Funny? Not so much!! Annoying and unfair I call it, and I feel your pain!!! Keep up those kegals!!

  4. oh the aftermath of having your "uh-huh" ripped in half during birth. I hear ya, sista. Although I don't think I tried running that soon after I had him... oh wait, I still haven't tried running. :-) Props to you and your leaky bladder!


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