Monday, May 5, 2008

Cooper's New Room

Last week, my mother in law called and asked if they could take Chloe for a few days before they go on their mission trip. This call came around Monday morning. On Tues. morning, I asked Matt if we could just UPS Chloe to them, she was being an almost 2 year old girl! Example:

On Wednesday, I kept asking Matt, "Are you sure they are coming tomorrow?"

"Yes, they said they would be here in the morning around 10:00am."

"They are for sure coming?"

"Yes, Megan as long as no one dies or goes into the hospital." he responds annoyed with my constant need for reassurance, but not knowing why I keep asking b/c he goes to work everyday and Chloe is usually an angel when he gets home.

"Ok, well I am going to get her stuff together then."

"Sounds good Megan."

Wednesday, after they got out of church, Matt called them to finalize the details of their arrival. I can hear him on the phone say, "Yeah, I told her 'as long as no one dies or goes into the hospital'." Now he says this with a weird tone, not like joking like a serious tone.

I started to panic, I began thinking of who else we could call. I had already gotten my hopes up of being with out her for 3 WHOLE days! I knew I wasn't going to be able to mentally handle her, I had already checked out and there was no coming back.

Matt hung up the phone. "THEY AREN'T COMING ARE THEY?!" I say, not judgmentally, but saddened and disappointed and sinfully not liking that some one had passed and Matt's dad had to do the funeral. Like his dad says, "I marry 'em and I bury 'em." He doesn't say that as a joke, just as reality.

Matt assures me they are coming.

Thursday morning, the sun is shining birds are chirping and there is the smell of spring in the air. I get up a littler earlier than normal and start to get Chloe's stuff together. It's as if she knows she's getting away from me for a few days b/c she is acting like a little saint. Around 9:00am I call Matt and ask if his parents are on the way.

"Hi Matt! Are your parents on their way?"

"No, they are going to come this evening. They are going to the hospital and then will come up here when they are done."

"Oh, ok, why didn't you call me and tell me this? I have been running around the house like a crazy person getting things washed, dried and packed before they get here."

"I was fixing to." he quietly says which means he forgot.

"So does that mean they will be here for dinner? If that's the case where is everyone going to sit? Did you forget we have no table chairs?"

"No Megan I didn't forget that we have no table chairs. I can bring some of the metal ones home from work."

"Oh b/c that's welcoming."

The Saturday before these events we saw a lady selling her table chairs. We didn't buy them at the time b/c I didn't want to spend the money then and I thought we could just continue to eat on the couch, no biggy, no one ever eats here any ways.

"Do you WANT me to go by that lady's house and see if she sold those chairs?" he asks.

"Yes, I do." I say relieved he finally figured it out.

We buy the chairs, the in laws arrive, we eat dinner and Chloe leaves. As they pull out of the drive I have a weird feeling. I am glad to get a break, but sad I feel that way, BUT I am also glad she will be going to a place where she won't hear "NO" every 2 seconds. I find myself saying that a lot, in fact, I worry her vocabulary will narrow to that being the only word she says.

Friday goes great. I sleep most of the day with Cooper on my chest.

Saturday morning... Matt asks, "Sooo, what are we going to do today?"

"Oh, I don't know. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, we could redo Cooper's room."

"Ok." I say thinking that means just a coat of paint.

We arrive at Sherwin-Williams and Matt's decorating wheels begin spinning. I am no good at this kind of thing. I know what looks good and what I like or don't like, but making a final decision is way to hard and overwhelming for me. I hate going into 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing b/c it's just too hard to decide and pick through all the things.

Matt decides he wants to paint the room a shade of blue (I'm not a fan of blue rooms) but then he wants to do the crackle effect to it and brown is the top coat. I like his idea, but realize it is going to take a while to do. Oh and he wants to put up a chair rail, which will look fantastic I'm just not very patient.

Cooper's room before... We just started putting on a white coat to cover the purple. Stay tuned for pic's of the final project.

Oh and Chloe's home now, so it will be interesting trying to finish this. We will have to tackle it after she goes to bed. It will look nice though when it's done, plus Matt is fired up to do Cooper's room.

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