Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation? Part 1 Friday->Saturday

We loaded up the rental car Friday afternoon and headed south; south to Pauls Valley to visit a college buddy of Matt's. We haven't seen him and his family since June of '06; I was pregnant with Chloe. They have never met her or Cooper, so Matt wanted to go see them and their 3 kids, one of which we have never met.

We head out a little before 4:00pm, our goal was to leave at 2:30 right after Cooper ate. HA! That never happens. Traveling with a nursing newborn is kind of tough, not because he cries, but because as soon as I get done feeding him it's almost time to feed him again. Once we are out of B'ville I realize he has to eat in one hour. I start to get nervous; Cooper is very impatient when it comes to food. Around Bristow, I hear a stirring. I start praying that he can wait until the Stroud McD's. Praise God, he makes it! I had to wake him up once we were there. Chloe on the other hand, she kept the trip very interesting. She usually sleeps in the car, and this whole weekend I think she slept a total of 1 hour in the car where as Cooper slept quite a bit. Our next roadtrip? DVD Player.

I feed him and we jet off again. It is now a little after 5:00p. We made great time getting to Stroud. Pauls Valley here we come...

While driving through OKC, we came to a realization; we do not miss living in the city. I guess the time we were there we never realized how awful the traffic is, it made us thankful for the "traffic" in B'ville; doesn't even compare.

We get out of OKC and are south of Norman, it's around 6:30pm and we see those bright orange diamond shaped signs, "Construction ahead." Keep in mind Cooper has to eat at 8:00p.

"Maybe it won't be that bad, oh wait..." I say.

That's when it happened; cars as far as the eye could see. I see another bright orange diamond shaped sign, "Construction ahead 5 miles."

I see that sign and start to panic. "It's going to take us forever to get those 5 miles." And indeed it did. One hour later, we saw another bright orange diamond shaped sign, "End of Construction" Wooohooo!!

We now have approximately 15 minutes to get to their house, we make it just after 8:00 and Cooper only screamed his head of while we were in traffic. He and Chloe are very loud when they are mad.
We stayed Friday and Saturday nights with our friends and Chloe had the best time of her life. They live in the country and the Knox's (these 4) love the country! Chloe is a little farm girl at heart. When we pulled up to the house, Chloe yells, "DOOOGGGG!!! RUUUHH RUUUHHH" She spotted two of their beagles on top of the house! Yes, on top of their house. They have a two story home and the dogs are able to get onto the roof from a balcony. The funniest thing, I wish I had taken pictures. (My big regret this weekend was not taking more pictures. We were just too tired and busy) Matt played golf on Saturday and that afternoon Chloe played in their new water thing. The dad bought it on his way home from playing golf and the kids had the best time.

The new water toy slide thing.

Chloe enjoys sucking water off and out of things... yuck

Chloe loves the beagles and they love her.

Saturday was our last day in Pauls Valley. Sunday's agenda? A trip further south to exit #51.

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  1. OH bless your heart. That is why we drove OVERNIGHT to NM!! I hate construction! Esp. OKC construction--it lasts FOREVER!!! OK is the slowest construction stuff. Oh, so maybe the saying should be changed to "A dog on a hot tin roof.." how funny!


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