Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation? Part Deux Exit 51

Sunday morning we rise and shine. I say rise, but I think I never got horizontal in order to get vertical. I don't sleep well with Cooper near me; he's a grunter.

We get in the rental and head further south, to Exit 51. (I capitalize the E in exit b/c #51 is worthy of capitalization my friend.)

Why Exit 51? Well, that exit holds two world famous locations... drum roll

Arbuckle Wilderness AND Fried Pies place. It doesn't have a name, the sign just says, "FRIED PIES."

I have wanted to take Chloe to Arbuckle since her first birthday, but were unable b/c of the pregnancy issues I had early on. When I was young, I can remember my mom taking my sister and I and how much fun we had feeding the animals. I wanted Chloe to experience that since she is so much of an animal lover.

I saw this sign while meandering. Look closely. Do you remember those days?

After meandering our way through the Exit 51 construction, stopping at a "hotel" that I'm pretty sure was a brothel, we arrive and there's a line to pay to go through the drive-through area. I figured there would be, but they did a good job getting us through quickly. While in line Chloe falls asleep. She didn't sleep the whole way to Exit 51 and she falls asleep in line? Crazy kid.

We start the drive and I am trying to wake Chloe up, but she isn't moving, twitching, or budging. We get to the zebras and one is coming towards us so he . I am yelling her name, shaking her seat, grabbing her legs and making loud noises; nothing. I finally get her to wake up and it's right outside her window and she doesn't even see it!! She's out of it still. By the time it got around to my window she perks up a bit.

Onward ho! Next we see the emu's and their babies. I keep the window rolled up for fear of being attacked. I did, however, roll it down to snap a few shots, but if she headed towards me I rolled it up.

We didn't feed the animals with horns. I was too afraid of them scratching the rental. They would come near the car b/c the people in front of us would drop their food right outside their windows so when we would try to pass the horns would be in the way.

After the emu's I took Chloe out of her seat so she could sit with me and see better. When we saw the camels she got a little freaked out. They are huge! I cracked the window so she could touch it, she didn't know what to do. She kept saying, "Ilky, ilky" She needed her silky aka blanket. The camels didn't get any of our food; I didn't want to get spit on. They did chase a truck that was in front of us. That was too funny. There were 2-3 middle school aged boys sitting in the bed and the camel followed them down the street wanting more food.

We made it to the giraffes and the line to feed them was crazy long. There was one lone giraffe and only one car was in line to feed it. I told Matt to pass everyone and head it's way. The people in front of us were funny to watch. It would have been cool to feed them out of a sun roof.

A good thing about going this time of year was a lot of the animals had babies. The bad thing about going this time of year was the heat. We didn't do the walk through zoo, it was too hot for all of us.

Before I go, I have to talk about the "FRIED PIES" place. Matt and I randomly watch 'Discover Oklahoma.' It's a TV show that goes to places in Oklahoma and showcases what people love about them. Usually it's food, lodging or activities. We saw an episode that talked about a place serving freshly made fried pies in Davis. When we got to Exit 51, I saw the big sign with bold letters and remembered the episode. The hosts said it was tasty and they weren't lying. Matt said the line was structured like an amusement park ride, where it zig zags. When he got back in the car he said the lady in front of him bought $100.00 worth of fried pies. I can't say I blame her, although I am guessing they weren't all for her.

After devouring our fried pies, we head to OKC and on the way I call my dad...

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  1. WOW!!! I want to go to Arbuckle!!! How cool is that! You had a zebra's head in your window--whaaatttt??? I've never been there--looks like it's a must. Only traveled down that way for Falls Creek.


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