Friday, May 30, 2008


As some of you may know, Chloe Joy isn't much of an eater. She will eat yogurt, all bread and bread products ie. muffins, toast, pancakes, waffles, sliced bread, milk and occasional grilled cheese & sometimes applesauce. Her absolute favorite thing is yogurt.

Over the weekend, Chloe didn't eat very much and since we've been home hasn't been all that hungry. We've been able to get her to eat yogurt and Matt accidentally bought yogurt drink things and she'll drink those. Basically, she hasn't wanted to eat and we've just said, "ok you'll eat when you're hungry enough."

Yesterday she said, "Poop, di (d-I) di" Which means she's pooped and needs a new diaper. I go to change her and it's a lone terd, but boy did it smell awful!! I commented to Matt last night how stinky her one terd was; neither of us thought anything about it.

Today I go outside to the truck real quickly to get a surprise I had for her. I was gone 30 seconds. When I get back in she is hysterical. I said, "Chloe it's ok honey, I'm right here." We had just returned from Wal-Mart where I bought her baby doll accessories and a new toddler seat that's like a high chair; that's what I ran outside for.

I can't get her to stop crying. I thought her shoes were hurting her, "Chloe do you want momma to take off your shoes."

She walks to me like she does, I pick her up to put her on my lap and she goes stiff as a board on me; she won't sit down. So I put her back on her feet and I can't figure out why she is freaking out. She goes back to her room, comes back to the living room and tells me she pooped. I asked her if she did and she let me check her diaper (she usually doesn't let me check, she makes me chase her like a game) I look and it smells like a very very stinky fart, there's nothing in her diaper. I sit there and watch her just bawling, I know something is hurting her b/c she is making the 'hurting' cry; something is wrong and I can't figure it out and I'm starting to get nervous.

"Chloe do you want momma to come with you to your room?"
She doesn't say anything, she just walks back there. We get into her room and she points to her changing table (she has never done that)
"OK honey I'll change your diaper, but you didn't poop." I say sweetly; still not understanding her pain.

When I go to lay her down on the table she goes stiff on me again. I get her shorts off, undo her diaper and there it is.


I look at her anus and a large poop the size of a golf ball is trying to come out and is stuck like a baby's head coming out during birth; it looks the EXACT same! I start to panic!!! I try to do things dr's do when delivering a baby and she cries more; she is hurting and hurting bad. I pick her up, grab my phone and call my mom all the while thinking should I call 911? It looked like a golf ball, I didn't know if she had swallowed something or what.

My mom is an ER nurse and she asks if it's just poop.


Calmly, "take her to the ER, Megan."

"I can't, she won't sit down! She is not going to let me put her in her car seat!" (I'm freaking)

"Call Matt and tell him to come home and you take her up there."

I call Matt and tell him something is wrong and he needs to come home. I tell her her daddy's coming, "DADA, DADA!!" I felt awful; she needed her daddy.

I am still holding her trying to tell her to push, but she doesn't understand that yet. I lay her on the ground and try to roll her legs up much like you would do a gassy infant; she freaks. I run to grab the dr's phone number; we just switched to one here in town. When I leave her side she yells and all the while Cooper is screaming his head off. Shaking, I find the card and go to dial it...

I frequently have dreams about dialing 911 and I can't get it right. I'm in panic mode in my dreams and every time I go to dial the 9 I hit the wrong number and have to start over. I dream this a lot and I always wake up nervous.

I go to dial and my phone is LOCKED!!! Stupid. While I'm trying to unlock my phone, which is hard to do with adrenaline and fear pulsating through my body, I look down and Chloe is trying to push.

As soon as enough of it comes out, I grab it (with her diaper) and pull it out. (HUGE SIGH) She lays there, just like a woman would after pushing out a child. She's got her legs sprawled out and is completely out of it. I call Matt and tell him she got it out. "What was it?" he asks.

"She just had a really hard poop." I say to him almost in tears. Then I go to Cooper's side while Chloe recovers and change his diaper; he's crying this whole time.

Folks, that thing at the beginning was the circumference of a golf ball and just as hard, I kid you not! She tore her little blood vessels in her 'bobo.' (butt) She layed there until her daddy got home and even then when he walked in she just said, "Dada" ever so softly with a smile on her face; she never got up.
After about 5 minutes she got up and gave me a naked hug, then went to her dad and hugged him. He stayed home and I ran to the store to get prune juice, bananas, apples and peaches. She doesn't eat that kind of thing; I got the mashed bananas.

I got home and Matt had set up her new seat and she was in it; happy. Matt had also painted her toes nails while I was gone. The first trip to Wal-Mart, I purchased her the non-sliding bowls. I put some of the mashed bananas and a cup of water on her new seat and she ate it all! Thank you Jesus!

We bought the 'high chair' thing hoping it would get her to start wanting to eat big people food. We thought maybe she'd feel 'big' in her seat. We'll see how it goes.

So I helped my daughter deliver her first; her first hard poop. I'm going to have to write all this in her journal tonight.

Man I'm worn out!! Now we are off to a birthday party!!

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  1. YIKES poor gal! Way to go mom! I hope she doesn't remember the trauma of the gianormous poop!


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