Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

Not much time left, just under 5 weeks to be exact, before I am due to bring another baby into this beautiful, yet sometimes cruel world. When I was pregnant with Chloe I never felt pregnant or that uncomfortable; it was all tolerable. I am here to tell you my second pregnancy has been a complete 180* difference than the first. I woke up this morning feeling sore in places I didn't know a woman could be sore in. I'm not a pregnant waddler, but I have been today. I look like something is stuck up my butt and frankly, I feel like something is stuck up my butt. My whole pelvic girdle is on the brink of a complete breach. The baby is the water and my pelvic girdle is the dam holding the water back; not sure how much longer the dam can do its job before there is a flood downstream.

I'm not telling you this b/c I am complaining, I just had no idea this is what the second was like. I was told the second pregnancy is different, but I really didn't know what that meant. I hope it isn't a sign as to the personality of the second b/c if it is Matt and I are in some serious trouble. I can say this though, I will take ALL of the aches and pains of this pregnancy if it means the labor and delivery is going to be easier. Chloe was 23 hours of excruciating pain. I managed to go w/o an epidural, although I did have a few doses of Stadol (not sure how to spell it). I'm just praying the L&D will be a little shorter and a little easier, if so the aches and pains and waddling will be all worth it. Here is a picture of the always moving basketball I am carrying around.

The baby I'll get was a given in the reward side of all this. I thought that went w/o saying though.

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  1. Oh I feel for you! I hated being pregnant, I couldn't wait for them to get that booger out of me! I am not one of those that loved the nine months of pregnancy, I hear about women like that but have never understood it! lol. I wish you the best...take it easy you deserve it!


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