Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day At The Park

A photo story of our day at the park... Enjoy

Chloe is so happy to be at the park, she just doesn't like her hands to be dirty...

Or her pants...

She has spotted the swings...

I took one last photo before heading to the swings.

Matt crutched behind.

We played in the swings for a while, then I let her down to run. She spotted a dog down the hill and of course we had to go say hi. I let her pet the dog, blow it kisses and wave good-bye and we headed back up the hill for the truck.

Matt crutched behind.

We walked past the toys and swings towards the truck. I picked up Chloe and she went limp on me. Going limp is the international sign for, "I'm very angry and I do not want to go where you are taking me. If the ground were softer I would throw myself on it and scream, but since you are picking me up mom I will just go limp and squirm." The following pictures will show how she felt about leaving the park...

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  1. Yay for the poll! I voted!!! The purple walls are going down!


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