Sunday, February 24, 2008

That's Not A Baby Ruth Floating In The Tub

I can't remember the name of the movie, but it's the one where someone throws a candy bar in the pool and everyone freaks out b/c they think it's a terd floating in the water. Then a guy picks it put and takes a bite out of it. Now that I'm explaining the movie, is it Caddy Shack? I haven't seen the whole movie; just parts of it.

Last week, I guess it was Wednesday night, Matt was giving Chloe and bath and he yells for me to come help him. I thought it was just b/c he couldn't get her out of the tub w/ his bum foot. Nope, that wasn't the problem. Chloe had pooped in the tub and she is standing up wanting someone to rescue her pronto. I get her out and Matt cleans the tub.

Friday night, Matt yells from the bathroom for help. I go in there and same situation. She had another bowel movement while taking a bath. In her 18 months of life, we have never had to clean up terds from the tub.

Saturday night, I hear a blood curling scream coming from the bathroom and it wasn't Matt. I could hear him sighing in disgust, but Chloe was the one screaming. I waddle in there and low and behold Chloe has this look of pure fear on her face. She is standing up and desperatly wants someone, anyone to save her from the floater. Apparently the terd had floated her direction and tapped her on the leg and she lost all control and was trying to climb out of the tub. Once out of the tub, it took a few minutes to get her to calm down and stop crying. She was genuinly freaked by "it." She'll probably have nightmares of terds attacking her.

Later that night, Matt and I were discussing the weeks events in the tub. We weren't in the tub, but we were discussing what had taken place w/ Chloe in the tub. Seriously? There is no human possible way w/ the conditions we are in, we could even fit in our tub together at the same time. We were wondering how she knows its gross. It sure is a funny sight to see though, she has the funniest look on her face. I didn't get any pictures of her; we were to rushed to get her out of the tub.


  1. This is funny! I have experienced this before...only a few times..but it was enough for both of us! lol.

  2. how hilarious! So this is what I have to look forward to--attack of the killer poop! LOL


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