Friday, February 15, 2008

Matt's Dr. Visit

Today was the day I have been looking forward to since January 22nd. Matt was to go to the Dr. today and come home w/0 his silver accessories. He called me after he left the Dr's office and this is the conversation.
"Hi babe, SOOOO what did he (dr) say? Did you get your cast off?"

"Ummm, yes, I got the cast off." Then there was an awkward moment of silence as I tried to figure out if he is playing a trick on me or if he is thinking of a way to tell me bad news as so I don't cry.

I ask, "Well, why aren't you excited? What did he do put another one back on or what?" I ask completely joking, thinking he is going to laugh and tell me he's walking great.

"No, he didn't put another back on. He did put on a boot (long moment of silence) and said I can't walk on my foot for another 2 weeks."

At this point I think Matt is wondering and is thankful he isn't sitting right in front of me to see my face b/c he knows I am not jumping up and down w/ excitement over the news.

I was so looking forward to today. I almost started a load of laundry so Matt could take it out to the dryer and I wouldn't have to. (We live in a home built before the invention of the dryer, or at least before most homes had dryers. Ours is outside in the shed. fun fun) I was also foaming at the mouth at the idea of not having to go to the grocery store alone, take the trash to the street and put Chloe in her car seat.

In two weeks, Matt can start putting a little weight on his foot but will not be able to burn the crutches yet. He will still have to use them and gradually work his way off of his dependency of them. He will be off of the crutches just in time to become a daddy all over again.

Notice the lack of an ankle.

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  1. Hello, I came across your blog tonight...I enjoyed reading some of you stuff. Sorry about your husband:(..your daughter is beautiful! I too have been married for 5 years and also live in OK..we have a little boy (3 years). Just thought I would drop a comment to let you know who was reading! Check out my blog if you'd like.


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