Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alone... for a little while.

Last year I got a little gig at the local radio station,, doing random office work things. The great thing about it; I was able to take Chloe w/ me. When I started she was 3 months old. As most of you know, a 3 month old will sleep most of the day. As Chloe got bigger and more active it became harder and harder to take her w/ me and actually get anything accomplished, so I enrolled her in a Mother's Day Out Program (or Parent's Day Out to be politically correct). She loved it, but it got too expensive for us to keep her in it. We hope to get her back in one when the 2nd baby comes, we'll see though.

Ok, so this is the reason I am writing. I get to go to work today all ALONE for a couple of hours. I was telling Matt that they (work) wanted me to come in and help w/ billing. I was complaining/ voicing my concerns over the fact that it's very hard to bring her w/ me b/c she doesn't want to stay in her exersaucer. (I don't blame her) Matt offered to come home for a few hours so I could go up there and help. At first I turned him down, but then I thought about it and how dumb I would be to turn him down, so I said "Yes, if you can get away for a few."

I called him this morning and he said he could. So all morning I have been counting down the minutes until I get to be alone for awhile, even if it is to stuff and lick envelopes; I don't care. Honestly, I would work for free; just to get out of the house!

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