Friday, December 5, 2008


Winner is below!!
OK, here's the deal.

I think I have around 4, possibly 5 on a good day, readers of this super fantastic blog. I mean I won an award for crying out loud, I'm famous! Ok, so not at all, but in the spirit of Christmas music. I've decided to do my very first giveaway! Yes, yes, you read me correctly.

I love MercyMe and have for, gosh, since Traces of Rain. Now that it's Christmas time, I'm feeling like I should giveaway their Christmas CD. Especially since I have mentioned it 2 times in the past week!

Here's how to win, and seeing how there's 4-5 readers your chances are good!

Tell me your favorite Christmas song.

If you don't have one use mine, it's 'O Holy Night' any rendition. You don't have to put my blog on yours, that drives me crazy when that's a requirement, you don't have to 'tell your friends', you don't even have to come back except to find out if you won, just tell me a song.

One entry per person. (That goes to all 5 of you.)

Contest ends at 8:00pm C.S.T. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
Thank you to all 6 of you that entered!! You super ceded my expectations! Really though, I don't do this blog for glory, earthly, I do it b/c I enjoy writing. So thank you to my faithful 6.

So there it is, commenter number 6, which is Bec. Email me at and I will get that CD to you. (Chloe is saying, "Cheeeeeeese.")

Remember the 6 of you... This will happen again, so stay tuned!!

Merry Christmas


  1. My favorite Christmas song is...Breath of Heaven(Mary's song) by Amy Grant. It ROCKS!!


  2. Night of Silence written by Daniel Kantor. It's sung along with Silent Night.

  3. ha ha ha... I picked the right day to come visit!!

    I have to say, Oh Holy Night is a favorite. But only if the performer does a good job. Otherwise, it can be really bad.

    And least favorite? It's a toss-up between Drummer Boy and that one that says, "do you see what I see? do you see what I see?... A star, a star" etc. Have you heard that one? I think it's old.

  4. 'Oh Holy Night' is one of my favorites I love the version by Celine Dion. Another favorite is 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful', it just puts you in the mood for Christmas.

  5. Haha, you are funny. My favorite is Oh Come All Ye Faithful but . . . I already have the CD so you can give it to someone else. I just was helping you get to five :).

  6. Megan, first of all, your blog cracks me up sometimes! I read it and follow it on my blog, but don't comment because I didn't know if you remembered me. Anyway, my two favorite Christmas songs are "Mary Did You Know" and Point of Grace's song "Not That Far From Bethlehem".
    Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season!