Monday, December 29, 2008

The Wind-Down

Wind(w-eye-nd)-Down(v.) to exhale air after a good laugh, to relax, to take it all in after a good time.

This is a word my college buddies patented while we were in school at the best college in Oklahoma; University of Central Oklahoma. People often ask me, "Do you like OU or OSU?" I tell them, "I don't care, I didn't go to either school." I digress.

So the infamous wind-down, not wind like the wind is blowing, but wind like you wind up a toy. In college, I had a great time, but I had great friends. We always were laughing, usually at someone's fart, a good poop conversation, a card game, telling a funny story, or just making fun of each other. After a good laugh, there is the moment when everyone exhales at the exact same time. Think about it... Remember a moment when you had a big belly laugh and then sighed. That is a wind-down as I pointed out above with 'Megan's definition.'

Today, is my wind-down day.

Christmas is over, Matt is back to work *tear*, I have to take down decorations *double tear*, and life is dredging on; into 2009 *triple tear & a nasal drip*.

When Christmas Day was over, I was so sad. (That sentence sounded very elementary.) This happens every year though. I get so excited for Christmas and when it's over it's like, "That's all? How can it be over just like that?"

Cooper had his first Christmas, Chloe had her third, Matt and I had our 7th our 'Charlie Brown Tree' made it through another year, and it was all really great.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and good luck with the wind-down.


  1. Those wind downs usually brought another round of laughs followed by a wind down...vicious but funny cycle. I miss those!

    Love the Tree!

  2. Very cute tree! Glad you have a very Merry Christmas. I love your Christmas card.


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