Saturday, December 20, 2008

Psychopath Grandma

I wasn't going to do another post for a few days so everyone would and could read about our trip to Big Cedar, but what just happened to me in the Hobby Lobby parking lot is just too rich not to share.

(This story contains full disclosure)

Here in Bartlesville ,there is a mini-Hobby Lobby. I usually park on the side of the building in between H.L and a furniture store. I parallel parked alongside H.L. in the first spot just after the sidewalk.

I'm talking to a friend named Lela on the phone, still buckled up and the car still running since it is like 100 degrees below zero outside.

I look in my rear view mirror and see a lady attempting to park behind me. Where she was parking IS NOT A SPOT. I'm still talking to Lela and thinking, "Who does this lady think she is parking there. If someone needs to use the ramp she's in their way!"

Then I felt it, "THUMP!"
I tell Lela, "Hey I have to go some lady just rear ended me!"
"Ok, call me back."

I get out of the car, "You just hit me!"
"Ohhh, there's nothing wrong." Says the psychopath Grandma as she exits her fancy gold colored Cadillac. She turns to shut the door while I am trying to see my back bumper but the view is hindered because she is so close to me. I can see a slight scratch, but didn't want to make a hasty decision before thoroughly inspecting my car. I watch Judge Milian people I know the drill.

I look up from my car to discuss this incident with the psycho and she is walking inside H.L.!!! She's just leaving, "You hit me!" She continues to leave. "Lady! You can't just walk away!" She is still walking. She grabs the doors to enter H.L. "I AM GOING TO CALL THE COPS!!!" She laughs and goes inside.

I call Matt and tell him what happened. "Call the police," he says. So I did.

Before they show up a man appears at my window and I think, "Great, psychopath Grandma has called her husband and he's here to plead her case and to explain her psychoness."
He says, "Did she do any damage?"
"She scratched my bumper!" I say slightly rude. "Are you related to her?"
"No I'm not, I just saw what she did and I'm a retired police officer and what she did was wrong."
"Ohh, ok," I say calming down now that I know he is NOT related to the enemy.
"If you need to talk to me here is my name and number." He proceeds to give me his info.

The police show up and they try to find her inside H.L. They look at my car and policeman #1 says, "Looks like she just knocked some dust off." He continues to rub my bumper.
"No, she put a dent in it."
"Ok," he says "do you want me to write a report?"
"You know what, I do." I wanted this lady to get into trouble for what she did.

She finally comes out. She must have finished her Christmas shopping because she had three bags of stuff! Officer #1 and #2 show her the 'damage.' She walks over to my car and says, "If you want to make a big deal of out this..."
"WHAT!" I yell in complete disbelief of her attitude, "a big deal? YOU HIT ME!!"
She went on and on to the officers with how I am over reacting!

Here's the deal. Realistically there is very very very minimal damage. Had this scenario happened,
She exits her car, "Oh my gosh ma'am I am so sorry. Are you ok? Did I hurt your car? Please look and tell me if I messed it up."

Had she said those things I would have finished my shopping as well, but the fact that she was so arrogant angered me and was wrong. I don't understand how people can be so rude and think they are better than others. Did her fancy gold caddy make her better than I? No, but to her it did.

I told Matt I couldn't tell if she was drunk or had a problem. Seeing as how I didn't know, I kept my mouth shut from making fun or calling her out. ]

It would be knit-picky of me to carry this on any further, but I just feel like she feels like she can do what ever she wants and get away with it. If she had gotten a ticket this whole thing would have been forgotten, if she had apologized this whole thing would have been forgotten.

I'm seriously at a loss. I want to be Christ-like about it, but I also want to be Christ-like about it-if you know what I mean. I don't want anything from her, but I want justice and for her to be knocked down off of her Cadillac horse for a minute!

So if anyone knows a Sandra Foster who drives a new model gold colored four door Cadillac stay away from her! (I told you 'full disclosure'. It's the only way I can think of right now to bring a hint of shame upon her.)

It took all I had not to pull a "Towanda" on her grandma behind. (You know from Fried Green Tomatoes.) The ages would have been different, but still would have been funny.


  1. OMG i cannot believe that!!

    ok, i can. but why are people so rude?

    Did she know that she could be ARRESTED for leaving the scene of an accident? what she did was technically a hit-n-run!

    glad there wasnt much damage and you were ok, by the way.

  2. What a bad day! I am sorry that happened to you. I thought of that movie before you even said it at the bottom. We need to get together soon. My kids were still not feeling great, sorry I didn't call. We will try after the holidays. See ya

  3. Oh my gosh! I would have been mad too! Some people! and it's Christmas, aren't we supposed to be giving and caring lol how rude of her! It would have been hard for me not to be rude too. I will watch out for her on the road;)

  4. Sandra Foster of Bartlesville- Watch Out! Cause we are comin' after you!!!!!

  5. You did the right thing, people today don't really care because they do think they are better than everyone else. Glad you are ok. One of my favorite movies.

  6. Towanda!!!

    I am totally indignant for you.


For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. -Corinthians 5:14