Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tunes

I heart Christmas music. I heart it so much that I sometimes pop in a jolly tune during the heat of July. Frantically, I begin searching for all the boxes labeled 'winter,' grab my parka, put on my beanie, gloves and warm socks. I grab wood that Matt has been feverishly chopping in preparation of snow, toss a few logs in the fireplace, light it. I then go outside frolic in the snow with the children. Once everyone is cold, we return to the comfort of our bungalow. I make a nice cup of hot chocolate, topped with a bag, yes a bag of mini-marshmallows. After first eating the marshmallows, I drink the hot chocolate. "Why am I sweating?" I strip the clothes off, run to the bathroom and take a cold shower. Once my body temperature returns to normal and I have full function of my brain I realize it's not winter, it's summer.

Now that it's winter, almost, I am loving the Christmas music. Here's the catch. If I tune in to KXOJ while in the car, I don't enjoy the Christmas tunes. I enjoy the Christmas songs when I'm in control of their air-time. If I listen to the radio, I want to hear regular songs. If I listen to a CD, I want to hear, "We Three Kings." (It isn't biblical that there were 3 by the way, it's only biblical there were 3 gifts.) Anywho, I love Christmas music.

So in preparation of my drug like need for 'O Holy Night,' in any rendition, yesterday I began downloading songs from Amazon.
Here's what I purchased.

Mariah's rendition of 'O Holy Night' (#2 version)

SCC's 'All I Really Want' (A tear jerker.)

Third Day's 'What Child Is This?'

Three Tenor's 'O Holy Night' (#3 version)

Barenaked Ladies w/ Michael Buble 'Elf Song'

Shades of Christmas w/ Various Artist's one of which is Shawn McDonald's rendition of 'O Holy Night (#4 version)

Anne Murray and Michael Buble 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

Jars of Clay's 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'

Kristin Chenoweth's 'Do You Hear What I Hear' & 'What Child Is This' (she's a fellow Okie)

Yesterday I called Matt, "Hey babe. I made a Christmas CD for you."
"Oh, thanks." He was serious, he really was grateful.
"But, I found around 5 versions of 'O Holy Night' and I put all of them on there."
"Ohhh, ok, thanks." He was a little weary of only hearing one song over and over.
"You're welcome. Love ya."
"Love ya too." He was glad to be out of the conversation.

So enjoy my 5 versions of 'O Holy Night.' I also have a MWS and a SCC's version, but they are on their CDs, so I didn't have to buy those.


  1. that's funny! There is something great about Christmas music!

  2. You're hilarious! I'm there with the BAG of mini marshmallows and the "why am I sweating?" You're funny! I need a copy of that CD, bu tit needs the Christmas shoes song on it too!


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