Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tunes Revisited

I talked the other day about the Christmas CD I made through Amazon.

On Monday, I made a purchase through Mardel's website. (If you don't have a Mardel's near you, I am very sorry.) Mardel's is a Christian bookstore that sells music, books, teaching stuff, knick-knacks and everything Jesus. Good store. I guess I'm sorry for myself because the closest one to my house is 45 minutes, so I utilized online ordering.

They ran an ad in the Sunday paper. MercyMe's Christmas CD for only $5.00!! I think it's a few years old, but who really cares Christmas music is timeless.

I bought it, which is funny b/c that same day I bought one of their songs off of Amazon. I got all carried away with songs that I forgot what I had or hadn't bought.

I wanted to share the lyrics from one of the songs on the album. It's titled 'Joseph's Lullaby.'

Go to sleep my son/ This manger for your head/ You have a long road before you/ Rest your little head/ Can you feel the weight of your glory/ Do you understand the price/ Or does the Father guard your heart for now/ So you can sleep tonight/ Go to sleep my son/ Go and chase your dreams/ This world can wait for one more moment/ Go and sleep in peace/ I believe the glory of heaven/ Is lying in my arms tonight/ But Lord I ask that He for just this moment/ Simply be my child/ Go to sleep my son/ Baby close your eyes/ Soon enough you'll save the day/ But for now dear child of mine/ Oh my Jesus sleep tight

This song gives me chills and tears and smiles. I smile because of what Christmas means to us-Christians. It doesn't mean presents, gifts or should we call the tree a 'holiday tree' or a 'Christmas tree.' All of that pales in comparison to what happened in that stable.

I love that this song looks at Jesus from Joseph's perspective-his earthly father.

Imagine holding your baby when they were first born, how tiny and innocent they were. Imagine knowing the fate of your child-to be the Savior of the world, die on a cross and rise again. It's overwhelming to me.

I recommend buying the song if you don't want the whole album. It's just a keyboard and piano accompanying Bart. Very nice.


  1. this is the most awesome cd~i love it too!!! i love their rendition of silent night!

  2. There is only like one Mardel's in the entire city of Houston and it's randomly over by Galveston. Boo! People around here have no idea what they are missing out on. Also, the Sandra Lee post... my mom and I have a blast watching her show and making fun of her the entire time. Have you seen her Halloween specials where she makes costume changes and cooks with satin gloves on? Priceless! I have no idea how she manages to stay on air.

  3. So I don't read your blog for a week or so, and I miss out on the giveaway! Doggone it! You're right about Mardel...wonderful, wonderful place.


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