Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Bash

Well, our little Cooper turned the big O-N-E on Friday. *tear* We loaded up the mini and headed off to see Elmo Live. (It was a good show with a good message. "Take care of the earth.")

Did you know there is a spray can sidewalk chalk? The blue color is the spray and the pink was a piece of sidewalk chalk.
Cooper was looking cute after we got home from Elmo.
(Outside the B.O.K Center)
Chloe kept saying, "I wanna see cookie monster." I don't know why she has a need to see him. I'm thinking b/c he eats cookies he has become her favorite.
The stage.

Oh the girls went crazy when he came out! ;)
Oscar got booed. I felt bad for him.
Ohh and another star... Miss Abby. (I took a more pictures, even cookie monster, but these were the best. PLUS the little girl sitting behind me kept kicking my chair causing some pics to be blurry. Did I say kicking I mean she was way laying the chair!! I had to count to ten.)
A flat Elmo will have to do for a photo opp. She did get a stuffed Zoe doll.

Saturday was Cooper's birthday party. We had a family event with Dink's BB-Q and tons of cupcakes.
When Coop was posing with his cupcakes, he managed to snag one. So we let him eat it. Yes, he loved it. This was his first taste of sugary sweetness. He ate the whole thing.
He's scrumptious. In lieu of gifts, I asked everyone to bring a canned food item. It was a success. We received about 40-50 cans of food and all of it goes to The Lighthouse Mission here in town! I'm looking forward to giving it to them.


  1. i love how coop is all posing in his crib. that's greatness. happy birthday kiddo!

  2. Happy Birthday Cooper!! It does not seem possible that it has been a year already. Time flies by so fast! Cute pictures!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Love the little pose, ladies watch out this little man is a heartbreaker!

  4. Happy Birthday Cooper! The picture of him in his crib is SO CUTE!


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