Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Feel Bamboozled

Cooper is on an alternative shot schedule, as I have mentioned before. Now that he is a year, it's time for the MMR, except the schedule we follow splits up the MMR. So for his 12 month shots he would get Mumps and Polio.

I called my doctor to make sure they have the mumps vaccine.

They don't, they are all out.

"She could call the manufacturer." You say.

She has, they no longer make the separate vaccines!

So now I'm trying to hunt down the separate mumps and listening to nurses and health department workers gripe me out, and judge me b/c of all this. Good times.

Anyone else running into this problem.

Here is what I am finding.


  1. I'm assuming your title comes from the Friends episode with the game show Joey is going to host. I love that you quote friends. I am sorry that the shot schedule isn't working out as easily as it could.

  2. Not sure I understand. Is the artical saying that you might not be able to find the mumps vac. anywhere? What are your options?



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