Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dave Ramsey Free Event RE-POST UPDATE

UPDATE: I'm RE-posting this. I was listening to his radio show a moment ago, and he mentioned some radio stations will carry the event live AND FOX Business Network will air it as well. Sooo there are a few other options for you.

Should be fun... Click on it to find out more and see if there is a gathering in your area. There are gatherings in just about every town, so should be easy to find one!


  1. I just found out he is going to be in OKC to broadcast the THFH!

    must... see... Dave... LIVE!

    i'm sort of in love with him.

  2. Do you know where he is going to be "LIVE" in OKC??

  3. April he is LIVE at on Penn and 178th.

  4. Thanks Nicole and Megan for telling me where he was going to be LIVE. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go. :o( Hope you guys did!


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