Thursday, April 2, 2009

Year Ago

These are two of the four pictures I took exactly, almost to the hour, a year ago to the day. I should have know Cooper was coming bc I rarely see the sun rise.
This is the last picture of Chloe and I where Chloe is the only tax deductible child.

Little did I know that I would go to bed after this photo and wake up having contractions.

My how time has flown huh? Any of you remember what you were doing a year ago?

Tomorrow, the four of us are off to see the one the only Elmo!! Chloe has no idea we are going and Cooper, well, he's going bc it's his birthday.


  1. A year ago I was almost in the same place you are now. Off by a month. I was wondering how my sweet little Katiebug could be almost 1. And now, a year later, I'm wondering how she can be almost 2. You're right...time sure flies!


  2. a year ago i was in a very bright place. it had an abundance of sunshine and daffodils and gerber daisies.


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