Monday, April 13, 2009

"Hunting" Eggs

I used to be an extremely competitive person. When Matt and I were first married we lived in Edmond. Everyday we would play basketball or racquetball at the YMCA. I was fairly good at racquetball, but I could NEVER beat Matt; he was better. I hated that.

The children are released and Chloe meandered her way into the gym. The teacher realized she didn't have a single egg, so she assisted Chloe in finding them.

"There's one Chloe." That was Chloe's first egg, every other child had at least 8 by this point.

The teacher pointed to one under the scooter.

But all Chloe wanted to know was what was inside.

And then she realized all this egg hunting is for the birds, riding a scooter is much more fun.

Because we really came for the cupcakes.

Did I care that Chloe had significantly less eggs than everyone else? No, because she got significantly less candy than everyone else!

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  1. Cute post. I agree, cupcakes are better. Eggs just taste lie plastic. :)


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