Friday, February 27, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

I had to take Coop to the doctor this morning. We decided to change dr's yet again (this is his 3rd) b/c the last one angered and offended me. So the new one is in Broken Arrow and he has seen Chloe since birth. Anywho, none of that matters except 'we were driving in the car this morning.'

We were south of town and I notice cars and trucks on the ground near a few of those really tall cell phone tower type things.

"Hmmm," I thought, "I wonder if they are up the tower?" So I glance up and sure enough, there were three guys (I'm stereotyping) climbing one of the two towers!! And they were almost to the wee top of it! I was so excited, not sure why, I'm just nosey. So I do what any normal person would do, I honk. They do what any 'normal' person would do who is about 500ish to 1000ish (I don't know how high) feet off the ground, they wave at me!

On my way home, I literally prayed they were still up there b/c I wanted to take a picture, but knew I didn't bring my zoom lens. I had a feeling this morning that I should grab it, I thought it was a crazy idea so I didn't. Now I know God was saying, "Megan, you are going to see something really cool today and you will want your zoom lens." Ya I didn't listen God sorry.

I'm about 2 miles away and I see this...

I know you can't see the little tiny people in this picture, but when the picture is larger you can. I could see them when I was driving, so I snapped.
Remember, it is not a good idea to take pictures while driving.

As I was editing the photos, I looked at this one thinking, "Aw man, I didn't get anything." Then I noticed something,

Is that cinco on the very top? Update: I am a mom and therefore my mind leaves me for brief moments during the day. That explains why I skipped quatro and went straight to cinco. This was pointed out to me by my father-in-law. Now I feel like a dummy.

I had to crop and zoom this one to get this.

Just so you know this was totally the highlight of my day.

My dad would totally call me a hick for admitting that.


  1. I'm reading this at 9am. You must have had a really early appt to be home and have this posted already.


  2. When I said, 'This morning' I meant yesterday morning. I wrote this last night and had it post this morning.. ;)

  3. Sneaky! Can't wait to see everybody tomorrow =)

  4. weren't kidding when you called, were you? ha! That's are soooo not kick for that being the highlight. (coming from the queen redneck)

  5. Are you stereotyping that they are men or Hispanic or both? Don't think you can sneak those numbers past me, I took two years of High School Spanish & have watched my fair share of Dora!

    BTW, I will be in B'Ville on Wed. & Thur. Let me know if you guys are available to get together.


  6. i love that you created a whole entire post out of this! lovely, and it made me laugh. you always do that.


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