Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OHH the Snuggie

I see this one particular infomercial ALL THE TIME. I thought it looked like a good idea until Matt informed me of his opinion on the product.

I'll give you one word and keep that word in mind when watching the clip.

Here's the word: MONKS

EVERY TIME I see this thing I just crack up laughing, especially at the part where they are gathered around the fire and at the game. They all look like they escaped from a monastery. You've got a monk mom, monk dad, monk husband and wife, monk daughter, monk son, non-monk baby, monk student, monk man watching tv, monk grandma knitting herself another monk outfit, the non-monk dog and then the cute monk family roasting marshmallows outside the 'family' monastery and gathered at the monk football game.

Here's Jay Leno's opinion... funny. WARNING he says a bad word.. It's the other word for butt.

Confess if you own the snuggie!!!

1 comment:

  1. That's so funny because my husband and I crack up everytime we see this commercial.


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